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Canopy Luxe Premium Egyptian Cotton Towel

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RM 94.50
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RM 94.50
Regular price
RM 189.00
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Product Description

Treat your skin to world-class premium pampering each time you use Canopy Luxe.

Made from the extra long staple cotton grown in the lush nile river valley. Its gentleness of skin, excellent absorbency and durability is unmatched, which in turn makes the towels soft and absorbent.

Coupled with the affordable price, our Egyptian cotton towels have proven to be hugely popular among our customers.

You are guaranteed a luxurious experience every time.


collectionCanopy Luxe
SizeFace 33*33cm
Hand 45*65cm
Bath 69*140cm
grammageFace 70g | 640gsm
Hand 187g | 640gsm
Bath 638g | 660gsm
material100% egyptian cotton

Care Instructions