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Canopy Hotel Touch Pillow Protector (Pair)

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*Generous quilting provides extra protection for your pillow
*Totally hygenic & non-allergenic
*Protection against dust-mites
*Anti bacterial fabric produced under international standards
*Comfort & Stain Protection for your pillow
*Superior comfort
*Luxurious lifestyle
*Machine washable for convenience

Why pillow protector:

Pillow protectors are important for two major reasons: keeping your pillow free of stains, and preventing exposure to dust mites, microbes, and other potential allergens. While pillow protectors are beneficial in other areas, there are the two most important. Pillow protector is made to protect and extend the life of pillow.

1. Protects The Pillow From Bacteria

This is the main purpose of pillow protectors as they are designed to be waterproof to repel any type of liquid that can help bacteria thrive. If you have children, you must have already experienced them wetting their beds at night and then discovering ugly stains on the pillow in the morning. The constant wetting of the pillow can ruin the materials used in the pillow and reduce its life.  So, pillow protector helps to extend the life of your pillow and protect your children from harm with a pillow protector.

2. Protects children and mature adults from Allergic Reactions

Microscopic pets lives in pillow and they can trigger allergic reaction in anyone. Dust mite are a menace and getting rid of them can be time consuming and difficult. Children and even mature adults can easily inhale dust mites and their allergens when they rest or sleep at night. When you keep their pillow enclosed in pillow protectors, you reduce the risk of allergic reactions and other respiratory illnesses.

3. Protects the health of children

Pillow protectors are perfect for children as their health is protected. School aged children and children that plays outdoor are prone to bring in bacteria and other germs in your home and on their bed. These bacteria and germs can get them sick no matter how strict you are with their hygiene. By using a pillow protector can ensure your children's health is protected and save you money and effort with having to clean the pillow.


Fabric100% combed cotton
Filling100% superfine fibre
Size50cm x 76cm