What is the difference between Down vs. Microfibre down Quilt?

What is the difference between Down vs. Microfibre down Quilt?

Generally speaking, duvets are made with either down or polyester down alternative, but is there really a significant difference between the two?

Down is a natural material from either duck or geese. The quality of down is indicated by its loft, or fluffiness, which is calculated by the amount of space one cubic ounce of down can fill. Good quality down comes from birds that have reached their full maturity, and therefore possess down with the highest loft.


Down is often regarded as the Cadillac of duvet materials, coveted for its softness and superb insulating properties. Down is such a great insulator, that just a small amount provides a great deal of warmth. This makes down duvets very light on the body.

Because of its scarcity, quality and its long maturation process, down is a pricey purchase. The higher the loft of down, the more expensive it becomes.

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The warmth that down provides with minimal quantity is matched by no other fill. One ounce of down is warmer than one ounce of Microfiber. Down Alternative duvets can provide just as much warmth, but much more fill is required. This makes synthetic Microfiber duvets heavier on the body.

Many people have this misconception that down duvets are extremely warm and are meant for colder climates; however, the truth is that they are the most body heat regulating duvets i.e. they are meant to keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold.

As you can see from above that Down is three dimensional and can trap air very easily, making for good insulation and keeping you warm. Also when the body begins to overheat the natural fiber of down has the ability to breathe and absorb body vapor preventing you from overheating and sweating while you sleep.


Microfiber is soft like down, but slightly different in feel. Down traps a lot of air, so it can be compressed significantly with applied pressure. Microfiber is denser, trapping less air, for more of a plush feel. (If down is cotton candy, microfiber is marshmallow!)

Microfiber is significantly less expensive than natural down. It's also much easier to care for, as it can be washed at home. Down is rather sensitive to moisture, so it requires dry cleaning or professional washing.


Microfiber duvets are filled with microfiber which  is the lightest and finest synthetic fiber available as a duvet filling and offers you that extra soft and extremely cozy feeling. Microfiber duvets offer the ultimate warmth due to their tightly packed fibers. They are a perfect choice for those suffering from allergies.

The difference between microfiber and down duvets generally comes down to personal preference as against which one being better than the other. Both are great duvets. It’s just what works best for you! You can find all type of single quilt and double quilt at 
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