How to transform your bedroom into a five-star escape

How to transform your bedroom into a five-star escape

Self-isolation, quarantine, travel bans and coronavirus mean a lot of us are cancelling holidays and spending a lot more time than usual at home.

If you've had to cancel a special night away or just generally need something to take your mind away even for a little bit, here's a tip: turn your room into a hotel.

With just a few simple tips and tricks you can make your bedroom feel like a five-star escape, without the five-star price tag.

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Hotel standard bed

One of the first things you notice when you walk into a hotel room is the bed. Of course it's made perfectly — think about those insanely tucked in sheets that are impossible to rip out.

A quick search on YouTube will give you a tutorial on how to make your bed to five-star housekeeping standards, tucked-in sheets and all.


Don't forget you need to actually style the bed too. You'll need a few extra pillows purely for decoration, a row of big fluffy European pillows work well as a makeshift headboard if you don't have one. For added luxury layer a throw or two across the end of the bed.

If you're going to splash out on new sheets there are several options out there. For a smooth way of linen feel try Essix Royal Line Cotton Percale Fitted Sheet, or you could splurge on a luxury touch 1750 thread count Claudine Antonin Supima Cotton Bed Set.

Set the mood with scent

Hotel rooms just smell good. Whether it's a fancy diffuser, a candle in a corner of the room or a luxury room spray, creating a feeling through smell is another key.

Splash out on something like a nice candle or diffuser. For the very top end of luxury, go for a Baobab Collection - Wild Grass Candle or Möve Signature Diffusers.


Aside from setting the mood in the room, you want to be creating a space to relax and unwind. Think about popping a diffuser on the bedside table as the kind of luxury touch you need.