A fragrance that's unique, just like you

A fragrance that's unique, just like you

After two months (or more) in lockdown, you’re likely reaching for just about anything that promises to take our stress down. If you’re already meditating regularly, eating healthy, and practicing good sleep hygiene, but still can’t shake the tension and anxiety, your next reach should be for a scented diffuser. 

Filling a room with scent can make your work from home more productive and help you relax at the end of the day.

Only you know what specific scents wake up your senses and make you feel good, but chances are, we have more than a few of your favourites. Why not recreate memories with the scent of diffusers by discreetly putting them in corners of your home, where you not only will be greeted–after a long day at work–but your guests will also receive a warm welcome.

Surprise your dad by choosing the olfactory mood that describes them best!

Bring the scent of uplifting home

A Swedish research team showed that study participants recovered much more quickly from stress responses after being exposed to scents they associated with nature - fresh air, evergreen trees, wildflowers, damp earth. The stress reduction that came from these scents was even more significant than exposure to sights or sounds from nature. 

Long overlooked in the medical research arena, the sense of smell has come under intense scrutiny in recent years for its ability to reduce tension, ease anxiety, and lift depression. 

While the end of lockdown is in sight for many, it’s undeniable that life is going to take a long time to return to life as we know it. To help you weather the ups and downs of re-entry, we recommend finding yourself a great scented diffuser and loading it up with nature-derived scents to help maintain your balance.

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